iPhoto backup to Picasa



2.1 is around the corner with…….

- Allow Mass deletion of Picasa/Google+ data
- Add EXIF data to resized photos (so EXIF are kept)
- Add Albums date based on earliest date of pics contained
- Color coding of progress bar
- Stability enhancements

and now, the FAQ :)


In my Picasa/Google+ account all my sets have a cryptic thing under their set name… Can I delete/change?

NOooooo !!!

This “cryptic” thing (like “fDKz7fg5%/dà09K” or “Bgf45Tu-Ghh6%dd4-Hdde23-4HàJ”) is the iPhoto or Aperture uniqueID of an event. In essence, this is the link between iPhoto/Aperture and Picasa/Google+. This link let the app not re-upload something already there.

Anything I should do before I begin?

Please, start by repairing/rebuilding the iPhoto/Aperture Library.
(cmd-alt-click on the library in the Finder). Then re-run the app :)
Over the years and updates after updates, our Libraries tend to get messy.
iPhoto / Aperture do not care about their library that much since it’s about displaying not sending somewhere else! They include some ‘coping mechanisms’ to right what’s wrong.

Exporting to Picasa for that matter needs a clean library, and therefore, a repair/rebuild is welcome from time to time.

Can I pause the transfer?

Of course! just push the main button (the one which started the transfer) it will pause the upload. Of course, since things could have changed in the meantime in Flickr, when resuming, the app will first re-scan Picasa/Google+.

Arghhh… my internet connection dropped. What will happen?

Relax! Not only the app will pause, but it will resume BY ITSELF as soon as
the connection is restored. Ain’t it nice? :)

Is it a full backup? or incremental? or?

The app will load on Picasa/Google+ all your iPhoto/Aperture content, in the same way your events are organized (and soon with the same title-photo ;) ).
When you run it a second time, it will only upload what is missing on Picasa/Google+.
if you change pics in iPhoto/Aperture (change the event/set, rename the set) it will be updated in Picasa/Google+.
If you delete pics in iPhoto/Aperture, ONLY if you check the option will
the content be deleted from Picasa/Google+.
In NO cases the iPhoto/Aperture content will be modified or deleted.

When resuming, why are some pictures re-uploaded?

In principle, pictures/videos are not re-uploaded. What can happen is that while advancing to the last uploaded media, the app can find a picture or video which transfer was unsuccessful and will try to reprocess it.

Even when I update Picasa/Google+, I still see the same
number of photos to upload on the progress bar

Yes, by design :) In fact, the app will ALWAYS list all photos/videos in the progress bar.
What the app will do if, say, only 3 photos needs to be uploaded, is scan Picasa/Google+
then skip over all the media but the 3 in question. So you will see the bar go very fast and stop when an upload is needed.

The upload is very slow. Can it go faster?

Say you have a nice 5Mbps upload bandwidth. Only the upload counts, of course.
So a 5 MB pic (average size of an iphone or camera at 8/10 Megapixels) @ 5Mbps upload speed takes 8 sec to load + 2 sec for Picasa/Google+ to process
and return the “OK got it”.

If I the transfer stops for some reasons, when I run it again, will it create double entries?

Nope. Here is what will happen:

1. The app will scan Picasa/Google+ to list what’s in there
2. The upload will start again listing all photos currently in your iPhoto or Aperture library BUT skipping over whatever is already in Flickr to only upload what is not there.

Note: If you have 5723 pics/videos in Picasa/Google+, the total to upload is still 5723, only the app will not re-upload what you already did and will appear to ‘jump’ over lots of pictures.
However, if you stopped last time at, say 2155, it might not skip directly to 2155, but upload some pictures along the way that were not found on Picasa/Google+ (see below)

Some pictures or videos seem to be reprocessing.
Why is that?

If a picture is not found on Picasa/Google+, it will be reprocessed. It sometimes happen when Picasa/Google+ does not commit the transfer previously done (in other words, some media can appear to be uploading ok, but end up being rejected without any notice).

I renamed a PhotoStream Event and still, it’s not counted as a not-photostream event and won’t upload.

Indeed. No cheating here :) renaming a Photo stream event does not turn the event into a  standard one!! What you actually have to do is select all pics/videos from that event in iPhoto and drag all to the event menu on the leftmost column.
Then give it a name and you know have a non-photostream event that can be uploaded with the ‘do not upload photo stream’ option on.