Lightroom Backup to Flickr



Ever wanted to backup your entire, precious Lightroom collection
while making sure the structure of your events were preserved?

NOW, YOU CAN (and it’s effortless!)

Lightroom Backup to Flickr for mac
lets you choose your Lightroom collection,
push a button, and will do all the hard work for you.

Thanks to new 1Tb massive storage Flickr gives for free,
all your events will be stored in Flickr as sets (albums).

You can also use the opportunity to share with friends and family. Or keep them private!

and guess what, Lightroom Backup to Flickr saves photos AND videos.

Macbook - Lightroom EN

The solution you were waiting for is available now!

version 2.0 will add restore from Flick for ultimate convenience :)


Any questions?, contact